Frequently Asked Questions:

This sounds great. How does it work?

Get started in just a few minutes. See how it works HERE.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

Absolutely not! Signing up is free and allows us to fulfill your needs quickly without delay.

Do you offer coverage worldwide?

Currently, we support coverage for our U.S. based Chiropractors only.

Great, but how does it actually work?

Once you sign up I will reach out with the appropriate forms whether you are providing or receiving office coverage. From there we do all the leg work and keep in constant communication to ensure you are profitable and busy!

Are your coverage doctors licensed with active malpractice insurance?

Yes, all of our coverage doctors must provide proof of license and active malpractice coverage.  Additionally, they are then vetted individually by the Chiro Office Coverage team to ensure only the highest quality doctors are available.

How much does it cost to have coverage?

The fee for our coverage is based upon hours work and number of patients seen. We offer extremely competitive pricing and are happy to give you a quote.

Will the coverage chiropractor be able to perform a specific technique and treat using all of my modalties?

Our coverage chiropractors are technique matched to your office and will be able to practice within the scope of Chiropractic law in your state.  In short...yes!

Do you help with long term placement/employment/etc?

Definitely; once you sign up just let me know and we can get to work. Using The Evidence Based Chiropractor for your employment needs will ensure you have the top talent to succeed, grow, and develop your practice.

Who is behind Chiro Office Coverage?

Chiro Office Coverage was started by me, Dr. Jeff Langmaid, founder of The Evidence Based Chiropractor. I saw a need for reliable, modern office coverage for chiropractors across the country. As a practicing chiropractor I know the challenges of obtaining coverage when I need to be out of the office.  We have eliminated all the "pain points" of this process so you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing your office is staffed by a top level chiropractor taking care of your patients while producing revenue.

How many chiropractors does it take to make a difference in the world?

One. You. Every time you adjust a patient it has the ability to change a life.

Any other questions we haven't addressed?

Call me directly at 855-51-CHIRO or email me directly HERE. We want our process to be easy, fun, and fruitful for you.